Tickets for Prime Minister's Question Time

What is Question Time?

Question Time is an opportunity for MPs to question Government Ministers about matters for which they are responsible. These questions are asked at the start of business in both chambers and are known as 'oral questions'.

It takes place for an hour, Monday to Thursday, after preliminary proceedings and private business. Each government department answers questions according to a rota called the Order of Oral Questions. The questions asked must relate to the responsibilities of the government department concerned.

Prime Minister's Question Time

Commonly known as PMQs, this session takes place in the Commons every sitting Wednesday from 12pm to 12.30pm, and is where the Prime Minister answers questions from Members of Parliament. 

How can I attend Question Time?

All visitors can request access to the galleries on the day at any time when either House is sitting. Admission is, however,subject to availability and is not guaranteed as Question Time is very busy, so obtaining tickets in advance is highly advised. 

If you are a Christchurch resident, you are able to request a ticket from Chris but this is not possible whilst Parliament is in dissolution.