Coronavirus (COVID-19) Actions & Information

Boris Johnson and our Government are committed to keeping the public safe during the worst public health crisis of our generation. Preparing for the spread of the coronavirus outbreak is a national priority.

National Campaign - Active in Parliament

Since he was first elected as the MP for Christchurch, Chris has won a reputation for speaking out fearlessly on behalf of constituents, putting their interests ahead of Party loyalty.

Chris wants to ensure that changes to our laws are properly scrutinised before being enacted. 

National Campaign - Champion for Park Home Residents

Chris is both a local and national campaigner for the rights of 180,000 park home residents. 

As Chairman of the All-Party Group he has highlighted the need for tough enforcement action against unlicensed sites to protect vulnerable and elderly residents. 

My Local Campaigns

Protecting the Green Belt

Boosting the Local Economy

More for Local Education, Police & NHS

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