Christchurch Constituency Parliamentary Hustings

Chaired admirably by Chris Brockway the Minister of Christchurch Baptist Church.

Location: Twynham School, Sopers Lane, Christchurch.

Subjects covered included:



Climate Change

Mental Health



Champion for Park Home Residents

Chris is both a local and national campaigner for the rights of 180,000 park home residents. As Chairman of the All-Party Group he has highlighted the need for tough enforcement action against unlicensed sites to protect vulnerable and elderly residents.  

Boosting the Local Economy

Keeping a flourishing, vibrant local economy is essential. Chris is concerned that planning delays are frustrating investment in the Airport industrial estate and preventing the building of much needed new homes on brownfield land.  

More Education, Police & NHS

As a long-term campaigner for fairer funding for our local schools, Chris is delighted by the GovernmentÕs announcement of a 5.14% average increase in per pupil funding, far higher than the national average.

Engaging with the Next Generation

Chris, pictured discussing community transport with Town Councillor, Grace Polson, believes strongly that young people should have a voice in local affairs.

Reducing Taxes

Chris has welcomed freezes on fuel and beer duties and reductions in income tax. Chris believes that far too many families are now being caught by inheritance tax and that the threshold must be raised. 

Active in Parliament

RESPECTED for being independently minded.

Since he was first elected as the MP for Christchurch, Chris has won a reputation for speaking out fearlessly on behalf of constituents, putting their interests ahead of Party loyalty.

Active in Christchurch

In the Christchurch constituency Chris engages with charities and other community groups. This picture shows him at the ARC Community Centre in Somerford with the work of a dementia-friendly group.