Safer Streets

20,000 more police with the powers and backing they need to keep our streets safe

The increase in serious violence is deeply worrying and sadly some people no longer feel as safe as they should.

A Strong Economy

With the Conservatives we’ve seen our economy grow, with rising wages and unemployment at a historic low.

To make a success of Brexit and deliver the change people voted for we need to make the right choices on our economy.

Investing in Schools

Every child should have the chance to succeed in life.

And that starts with access to a good school place, no matter their background or where they live.

Strengthening Our NHS

We’re supporting our NHS to give people the care they need now and making sure it’s there for our children and grandchildren.


Chris Chope has given his full backing for Boris Johnson’s initiative to have a fresh Queen’s Speech and a new Session of Parliament on 14th October.  Ending the current session, the longest in over 400 years, is long overdue.