Chris Chope welcomes Boris Johnson’s proposal to end misery for SWR commuters.

Chris Chope welcomes Boris Johnson’s commitment to include in the Queen’s Speech on the 19th of December a Bill to protect commuters from disruption caused by strikes. The Minimum Service Agreement Bill is promised in the programme for the first 100 days of a Conservative majority Government.

The Bill would make sure that when strikes take place commuters are not left stranded. It would include the introduction of a legally-binding minimum service requirement for railways during strikes will help to reduce the disruption that union wreckers can cause, for hard-working people simply seeking to earn their salaries and pay their taxes.

Chris Chope, said: "The current disruption being caused to many passengers using SWR, particularly those with costly season tickets for essential work-related travel, is outrageous. The strike by the RMT is making life a misery and highlights the need for urgent remedial legislative action. This is why today’s announcement is so welcome.”