The Choice Between Two Futures For Britain

A Majority Conservative Government:

  • Bring back the EU Withdrawal Act Bill before Christmas with all Conservative MPs backing the legislation. We would pass the legislation in order to leave by 31 January 2020.
  • The Government would announce its legislative programme on 19th December in a new Queen’s Speech
  • A post Brexit Budget would be held in February to take advantages of the opportunities provided by leaving the EU with a deal.

Or Jeremy Corbyn’s (Chaotic) Coalition:

  • Labour are not expected to be able to win a majority outright.
  • The SNP have made it clear that a second Scottish independence referendum would be the price of their support. In 2010 a coalition was agreed six days after polling day – these negotiations were considered quick.
  • On becoming Prime Minister – possibly after Christmas – Jeremy Corbyn would have to write letters of last resort. Emily Thornberry has suggested Labour would make a ‘collective’ decision – delaying this essential prime ministerial task.
  • Corbyn would then have to go to Brussels to request a further Brexit extension immediately.
  • The Electoral Commission will start to consider wording for the questions posed in a second EU and Scottish referendum
  • The terms of the current Brexit extension prevents any re-opening of the withdrawal agreement, so Corbyn would have to negotiate a further delay and wait until 1 February to start work on a new deal.
  • Spend rest of his first 100 days attempting to renegotiate a deal and then take at least six months putting preparations in place for a second referendum.
  • Corbyn has said he will remain “neutral” in his own referendum.
  • 189 Labour candidates have signed a pledge to campaign to remain in a second referendum