National Campaign - Active in Parliament

Since he was first elected as the MP for Christchurch, Chris has won a reputation for speaking out fearlessly on behalf of constituents, putting their interests ahead of Party loyalty.

Chris wants to ensure that changes to our laws are properly scrutinised before being enacted. 

Chris has spoken in numerous Parliamentary debates and is a frequent questioner of Ministers. 

He is a former joint winner of The Spectator Parliamentarian of the Year Award.

He intends per his Election Address to continue to be Active in Parliament.

Some of his activities in this regard can be found under this Campaign.


Huawei and 5G

Chris Chope was one of thirty eight Conservative MPs who supported the amendment to the Telecommunications Infrastructure Bill on Tuesday 10th March. 

Active In Parliament - 41 new private members bills

"Sir Christopher Chope puts forward 41 new private members bills"

Areas covered by Chris's latest batch of PMBs include decriminalising the BBC licence fee and privatisation of the BBC and Channel 4.

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